Friday, November 2, 2012

recognition and appreciation

At the end of Concordia's Speaker Series yesterday, I was talking with Nathan Green of campus2careers, one of the speakers, about the difference between recognition and appreciation.  He noted that young people (and we all know how relative that term is) are looking more for recognition while older people are looking for appreciation.  The Speaker Series featured three young (30 and under) CEOs - of which Nathan was one - and he realized that while he felt appreciated, the greater joy for him came in the recognition by Concordia that even as a young person he had something to say to the audience.  I have contemplated on that idea for the past 17 hours or so...

  • Recognition is the act that says to someone that you have noticed their work and want to make sure they share what they have learned with others
  • Appreciation is the act that says to someone that you have noticed their work and want them to know that they have made an impact on others' lives
  • Recognition is the act of noticing good work in someone and inviting them to do even more with the gifts and talents they have
  • Appreciation is the act of noticing good work and publicly thanking them for the gifts and talentsd they have
  • Recognition is craved by those who are looking for the next big thing in their lives and careers
  • Appreciation is craved by those who need a breather from all the big things they have done in their lives and careers
  • Recognition is asking someone "what's next?"
  • Appreciation is asking someone "what did you learn?"
  • Recognition is tapping someone on the shoulder for the next responsibility
  • Appreciation is slapping someone on the back as a gesture of thankfulness
  • Recognition is noted through giving more responsibility
  • Appreciation is noted through giving less responsibility
  • Recognition is shown in a bigger paycheck
  • Appreciation shown in a bigger party
As I think of myself (and encourage you to consider yourself), I realize that both recognition and appreciation are important to me.  They are the responses that keep my creative juices flowing...that keep me energized...that result in my joy...and that increase my capacity.  There are certain people in my life that I regularly go to for recognition - and there are others that I regularly go to for appreciation. 

As I leader, I also need to know whom I need to give appreciation to - and to whom I need to give recognition.  My personal philosophy is that if I am going to err on one side or the other, I will give too much recognition and appreciation rather than too little.  Even to those who tell me they do not need it...well, I believe that they do.  And if they don't need it, others need to see that they are getting it from me.

So here are a few shout outs to people in my life who I should be recognizing and appreciating:
  • Recognition to Billy Moyer, Nathan Green and Rusty Shelton who all spoke at our Speaker Series yesterday and motivated my students and colleagues
  • Appreciation to my friend and colleague Ken Schmidt who has been a mentor to me over the past four years
  • Appreciation to my coach Ralph Wagoner who believes in me more than he should
  • Recognition to my colleague Kristi Kirk who keeps amazing me with how she leads her team and continues to push for excellence at Concordia
  • Appreciation to Howard Lacey, Tom Cedel, and Don Adam who together made the case for me to move from Houston to Austin 8 years ago to take this position
  • Recognition to my colleague Carl Trovall who as interim Dean of Arts and Sciences has been a great stabilizing factor for the College and the University
  • Appreciation to Bob May, former Dean of the McCombs School of Business, who took time to meet with me this week and inspired the heck out of me
  • Recognition to those faculty in the College of Business who go above and beyond in their role as teachers, inspiring students day after day after day.
  • Appreciation to my friend and mentor Ron Kessler who continues to inspire me, support me, and believe in me
  • and finally recognition AND appreciation to my administrative Assistant Linda Greenwald who not only holds the College of Business together, but also keeps my life on track and is a Godsend to this place in SO many ways.
So...who are you going to recognize today - and who are you going to appreciate today?

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Anonymous said...

it's really a both/and isn't it? I really look up to your leadership and humility, Dean Christian.. recognizing and appreciating others.