Friday, November 16, 2012

questions, questions, questions...

This past week I asked our freshmen Life & Leadership classes (required of all freshmen) to develop a list of 2-3 questions about leadership that would be used for an end of semester presentation for them on leadership.  The mission of Concordia University Texas is that we are developing Christian leaders, a mission we take seriously in many ways.  The essence of this blog is to share some of these questions with the reader in an attempt to allow us/you to consider the mind of the 18 year old as they think about leadership.  For me, many of these questions raise even more questions, which I believe may be the best way to think about leadership.  There are seldom answers (at least definitive answers) to many of these questions, and it in the wrestling with these questions that I believe leadership can be developed.  So enjoy the list - feel free to comment on them below - share them with your leadership team - and reflect on them yourself as you have time.

  •  How do you define leadership?
  •   How honest can a leader be with their mentees/followers?
  •  What is the most important characteristic of a leader?
  •   How do you handle the emotional demands that leadership puts on you?
  •   Who do you reach out to for advice, or where does your mentoring come from?
  •   What distinguishes a good leader from a great leader?
  •   Who has been the greatest influence on your style of leadership?  Why?
  • How does someone as young as all of us have the right to be a leader? We are still young, and do stupid things.
  •     Is everyone cut out to be a leader? Or are some people just born with the traits for being a leader?
  •     How do you develop the confidence you need to be a leader?
  •     Through being a leader, have you ever changed someone else’s life?
  •     When do you decide to step back and let others lead?

                 So there they are - questions about leadership from the minds of 18-19 year olds.  Not sure I could have asked better ones myself.  The best part is that these are going to be discussed in front of our freshmen by a group of 8 seniors, our Thrivent Scholars.  Can't wait to hear what they have to say about these.

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Susan Craig said...

Interesting dilemma... when to jump in and when to stay away. Don't we all struggle with that? Or even worse, how involved should we be? It's a hard line to draw!