Friday, September 9, 2011

organizational roadblocks

After wrist surgery this past week, this may qualify as my shortest blog ever...

What is an organizational roadblock? It is anything that keeps the institution from more fully living out its mission and vision. Such items could include:

  • structures

  • budgets

  • silos

  • unaddressed critical issues

  • unaddressed non-critical issues

  • weak personnel policies

  • a focus on managing rather than leading fron those in leadership roles

  • having the wrong people at the table

  • lack of support and encouragement for the organization's best people

This list could go on and on, and will change depending on what is happening in one's life and/or organization at any given moment. The biggest question to ask is this:


and if so, what am I going to do about it starting right now?

Friday, September 2, 2011

the one question

Excuse the shortness of this blog, but I still only have one hand with which to type...

Yesterday,I had the opportunity to interview Gerard Arpey, CEO of American Airlines as a part of our speaker series on campus. It was an amazing event - packed auditorium, great discussion (his pastor joined him for a dialogue on faith & work), and a overall feeling that we were doing something good and right. Prior to the event, I challenged some students and faculty to consider what question they would ask Mr. Arpey if they had several minutes alone with him. This is actually a harder exercise than one may think - so...

If you came face-to-face with a leader whom you admire; or someone who leads a large organization; or a person of great influence in your community; or?????? what would you ask them? Remember, you only get one question and only a few minutes with this person.

So think about your ONE question...write it down...memorize it...and be ready to use it. You may even want to practice it with a friend (their answer might lead to an interesting dialogue).