Friday, November 11, 2016

how to lead when more than half of your followers don't like you

Awkward blog title...awkward presidential campaign.  No matter who would have won this year's presidential election, they would have faced less than a majority of the voters choosing them as their next leader.  What a strange feeling - whether voted on or put in place by a board of directors (or an electoral college) - to take charge when so many of those who work with and for you are against you from the start.  What's a leader to do?  Here are a few thoughts:

  • don't be deluded...knowing that you are starting your role in this position is important toward understanding the job ahead
  • know who your supporters are...they will be your cheerleaders when others are actively working against you
  • know who your enemies are...most of those who don't want you are not your enemies - they just liked someone else better.  But know who your true enemies are so you can navigate the territory ahead
  • start by listening...and not just to your supporters.  Listen broadly and deeply to understand what people want and need
  • build coalitions...bringing people of differing opinions together will show everyone that you are a leader of and for the entire group
  • act something to show that despite having less than a majority mandate you are a person of action.  People appreciate a leader who gets things done
  • accept your matter how you might have been chosen for a leadership position, you are now the person to whom people look to be their leader.  LEAD...because that is your new responsibility
I will pray for the new president of the United States...I will pray for those he chooses to work with and for him...I will pray for the future of the people whom he leads...and I will pray for justice and mercy to be hallmarks of the presidency and the country, just as I have always done.


Brian Becker said...

Great advice. I hope he's following your blog.

WPamplify said...

This is what leadership is all about. Nobody will have unanimous popularity or everyone in agreement - it's recognizing that and knowing how to navigate it that matters.