Friday, October 14, 2016

quick thoughts on a Friday morning

No one particular idea is coming to me this morning, so here are a couple of thoughts that have crossed my mind this past week when it comes to leadership:

  • when working to build a collaborative culture, how does one handle the paradox of "staying in one's lane" and "engaging with and questioning all parts of the organization?"
  • what happens when an organization sets rules and guidelines and then has to live within the boundaries of those rules and guidelines, even though the unintended consequences of those rules and guidelines could not even have been imagined when those rules and guidelines were developed?
  • what is the balance of responsibility for communication between those who have the information and those who want to know the information?
  • given all of the decisions organizations make on a daily basis, which ones are most important and how do people know whether or not enough time has been given to that decision?
  • similar to the third thought above, what is the balance of responsibility for giving feedback between those who have feedback to give and those who should be receiving feedback?
  • do those of us in leadership positions really understand leadership...or are we just hoping to get it right as we live out our positions?
  • similar to above, do those of us who follow those in leadership positions really understand what leaders are to do, or do we just expect them to act in certain ways based on our own needs and wants?
  • similar to the fourth thought above, when determining what an organization most needs at any given time, who should have the most say...and how does one know that any one person's or group's say is the right one at that time?
Just a week's worth of thoughts on leadership...I hope they spark some thinking in you as well!

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