Friday, March 4, 2016

life is short

Yesterday was hard...I spoke at the funeral of a 21-year old, the daughter of a good friend and colleague.  The funeral home was packed with friends of the young lady as well as numerous friends and neighbors of the family.  Many, many tears were shed as people remembered the too short life of this beauthful young woman and the relationship they had with her.  I found myself weeping for the parents as they wake up every day knowing their daughter is no longer with them.  While there is hope in the resurrection and the promise of eternal life though faith in Christ, there is also the loss and mourning that accompany those of us left here on earth.

Life is  short...sometimes too short and once that life is gone, we have no recourse to gain it back.  As I consider what that means for those in leadership roles, it strikes me that leaders should do all they can to help make life meaningful for those who work with them...and for themselves.  Life is too short to not care about those we spend much of our day with.  Life is too short to not have a bigger purpose on which to focus our energies day after day.  Life is too short to always worry about the few people who make life miserable for the organization.  Life is too short to not take time to laugh and play during one's work day.  Life is too short to not make decisions and let an organization and its people flounder around.  Life is too short to ignore the personal lives of others and expect them to leave that part of their lives at home.  Life is too short to not celebrate the good things that happen at work with a party and celebration.  Life is too short to work 24/7 and not take time for one's self and family.  Life is too short to not have work that energizes and excites.  Life is too short to not put together a team of people with whom you like work.  Life is too short to not take the time to reflect on one's work, pausing every now and then to enjoy the moment and consider the gift one's work might be.  Life is too short to not be thankful for the work one has been given...and to look for that thankfulness and joy in the faces of others.

If life is so short, then let's ask ourselves the quesions: What can I do today to more fully engage with and enjoy my work?   What can I do today to help others more fully engage with and enjoy their work?  And finally, what can I do today to ensure that my friends and family get the best of me so that together we may more fully engage with and enjoy life together?


Mario Leal said...

I love this blog. It reminds me that leadership isn't always about knowing what to do, gaining consensus, or mentoring. It can be about loving those you serve with and making sure they know it. Wish you the best, Dr. Christian!

T. Jackson said...

I heard Dr. Christian speak today at an HHSC conference. He was passionate, motivational and engaging. I am happy to have heard him today and happier that I have this avenue to experience his thoughts in this way. Thank you Sir!

LearnerJim said...

Amen to the blog and the comments!