Friday, October 18, 2013

be still...

Everyone loves a "man of action," one who is getting things accomplished, who is on the go, and is making things happen.  More appointments...more contacts...more visits...more deals...more???????  And yet, there is that quiet voice in our minds that says "be still."  In the Christian Bible, Psalm 46:10 says, "Be still and know that I am God."  The Tao Te Ching says in chapter 47 "The sage does not go, yet he knows; he does not look, yet he sees; he does not do, yet all is done."  What is it about this paradox that seems so compelling - and what has happened in our culture that celebrates the DOING and demeans the STILLNESS?
There are often times I am seen with my feet on my desk and staring into space.  A colleague might stop in and have a 30 minutes conversation with me about life.  I take the time to wander the halls and see who I run into.  I am probably at my best when I have a cup of coffee in my hand and a colleague is sitting across from me discussing the goings on around campus.  Am I working?  Am I learning?  Am I thinking? or am I just BEING STILL?
How many times do we find ourselves in these type of situations and when we are finished say to ourselves or to those around us, "Its time to get back to work."  There is a certain guilt many of us have when we do not have our nose to the grindstone and working feverishly at accomplishing a task.  And yet, especially for those who are in a leadership position, the times to be still are some of the best times we are given.  Here's why:
  • to be still is to to clear the mind and open it up for better thinking
  • to be still is to allow for creative ideas to emerge
  • to be still is to to acknowledge that God is God and we are not
  • to be still is to wait for the right answer to emerge
  • to be still is to allow for disparate pieces of the puzzle to come together
  • to be still is to wait for others to emerge and use their gifts
  • to be still is to acknowledge the presence of others
  • to be still is to refresh and re-create oneself for the next task at hand
  • to be still is to enjoy the gifts of God's creation that he has given us
  • to be still is to revel in joy and laughter with others
  • to be still is to rely on God and let Him act on your behalf
  • to be still is to remember that life actually goes on without us
So take the time today to be relax and laugh and to listen and create and allow others to be in charge...and to rely once again on that power which is greater than you.  Enjoy your time of working hard by being still!

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