Friday, August 26, 2011

a new year

A new school year began this week, and I started it with a broken left wrist(thus the short nature of this blog) and a broken left. You see, there was this car accident on Monday morning...

A new year brings several leadership challenges within an organization, especially at an institution of higher education. These challenges include:

  1. 1/4-1/3 of your population is will we welcome them into and help them understand our culture?

  2. those who are returning expect to see something new...what have we done to make the place better?

  3. we have taken a break (at least mentally) much energy will it take to get the wheels in motion again?

  4. it's been a long summer...what needs to be done to remind people of the mission and vision?

  5. new students are now enrolled...are we really ready to start the recruiting cycle again with renewed enthusiasm?

  6. next year is right around the corner...what needs to be done NOW for cetain initiatives to be in place for the new year that begins in 12 months?

The paradox of the new school year is that as soon as it has begun, our role shifts to the NEXT school year. I wonder if my administrators really get this? I wonder if my faculty really get this? I wonder if I really get this? (then again, what choice do I have?).

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Anonymous said...

Great questions! And part of it might be that we do have a beginning and an end... and very visible ones at that, graduation/induction. Whereas in some industries, the cycle may not end and one must find the motivation to keep going when there might not be an end in sight, and without the excitement of new beginnings..

Where else do students (or customers) come into the beginning of the year with such nervousness, anxiety, hope, promise, and excitement.. While another class graduates with the same feeling all over again in the spring?

I almost think it's this well defined cycle that builds momentum and pushes us to strive for a better year than the last.

Glad you are alright!