Friday, May 27, 2011

one thing I love...

Last week's rant on one thing I hate was good therapy for me. The incident that led to my blog produced several good results and I have to admit that I probably do my job a little better today than I was doing last week...mostly becasue I have had to think about what it means to manage in my area. So today, I think I will change course and write about one thing I love...

This past week I was able to spend time in Eagle Pass and San Antonio, making visits on friends of the University, renewing relationships and making new relationships. While I consider this an important part of my job (and something I need to be able to "manage"), I also consider it an opportunity and privilege to get to meet and hang out with "really cool people." Whenever I am asked about what I do, I always mention the "really cool people" I get to meet and hang out with. The "really cool people" I got to hang out with this week included a CFO of a Fortune 100 company, a State Farm insurance agent, a University of Texas Business School faculty member, and one of the top commercial real estate developers in Austin. The range of conversation was all over the place - yet they all had several things in common:

  • they each had a great story to tell

  • they each are passionate about what they do

  • they each are some of the best in their fields

  • they each are"people" people

  • they each have a passion for developing leaders

  • they each have a passion for leaders who see the world with a Christian worldview

  • they each believe in the mission of Concordia University Texas

  • they each see the world as a great place to engage (three cheers for rose-colored glasses!)

  • they each love to give back to others

  • they each can add value to me and to my institution

  • they each are people of faith

I love meeting and connecting with people. For some reason, I think I do this pretty well and it is a blessing for me to know that this is a part of my role and job responsibilities - and that I really love to do it. At the end of the day, if I have connected with one or two different people, I feel it has been a good day and I am energized to continue on in my calling and vocation. As I think about what makes me good at connecting with others, several thoughts come to my mind:

  • I'm genuinely interested in other people

  • I like to ask questions

  • I like to ask really rich questions

  • I know that there is much to learn from others

  • I like to hear other's stories, especially where they are inspirational

  • I think I have an empathetic nature

  • I know that I will take something from the conversation to apply to my work and organization

  • I know that people like to talk about themselves, and it gives me joy to see others have fun telling theri own stories

  • I adhere to the 70-30 rule: I listen 70% of the time and talk 30% of the time

  • I work hard to be totally present when i am with someone else

Now here's the rub - how do I balance my love for meeting with "really cool people" and my dispassionate nature around doing "really dull things"? A few thoughts:

  1. delegate, delegate, delegate the "really dull things" (because I know those same items are "really cool things" to others)

  2. set aside hours (days?) on my calendar to do the "really dull things" that only I can do

  3. take the "really dull things" and make them into projects that I consider to be awesome and fun and WOW!

  4. let my boss know of this dilemma and allow him to help me manage these two competing interests

  5. accept the fact that these two will be in competition for my time and learn to live with that tension

  6. decide now that when push comes to shoe, I will ALWAYS choose to meet with "really cool people" over doing "really dull things."

So what is one thing you hate...and one thing you love...and how are you balancing the two in your life?

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