Friday, December 3, 2010

A Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa, this year for Christmas I do not want any toys (well, maybe one or two). What I really want is:
  • leaders who listen more and talk less
  • leaders who know how to ask good questions (see above)
  • leaders who think and act strategically
  • leaders who walk around and get to know people
  • leaders who engage their multiple constituencies at a high level
  • leaders who are not afraid to confront people who go against the organization's values
  • leaders who reward people who live out the organization's value at a high level
  • leaders who have a sucession plan in place - and make it publicly known
  • leaders who do what leaders are supposed to do and not act like managers (or janitors)
  • leaders who know how to follow
  • leaders who share information easily and make it understandable
  • leaders who think organically rather than linearly
  • leaders who "get" community
  • leaders who have a deep self-awareness
  • leaders who are willing to ask hard questions of themselves and others
  • leaders who know how to lead good meetings
  • leaders who craft their message to their audiences
  • leaders who speak passionately and professionally (see above)
  • leaders who "believe the best" rather than "assume the worst"
  • leaders who are always learning
  • leaders who understand the concept of Level 5 leadership (humility AND determinate will)
  • leaders who really understand servant leadership
  • leaders who can say NO and provide a good reason
  • leaders who say YES to good ideas that are fiscally responsible
  • leaders who find ways to exploit others' strengths for the good of the organization
  • leaders who practice the art of forgiveness
  • leaders who bring about peace, freedom, justice, truth and love in their organizations
  • leaders who truly love people
  • leaders who truly love their organizations
  • leaders who know how to relax and have a good time
  • leaders who demand excellence in all they do - and what others do
  • leaders who seek out other leaders for learning and growing
  • leaders who know the importance of a clean desk
  • leaders who know how to dress like a leader in representing their organization
  • leaders who learn how to say "I'm sorry" or "I made a mistake"
  • leaders who take every opportunity to talk about the organization's mission
  • leaders who are willing to step into the fray and make things happen
  • leaders who know when to sit back and allow others to make things happen

I invite you who are reading to add your Christmas wish list for leaders in the comments section below...

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terryburris said...

- leaders who treat others with respect
- leaders who act with integrity
- leaders who love what they do and do it with passion
- leaders who are accountable for their own actions
- leaders who have a strategic vision
- leaders who solve their customer's problems
- leaders who are decisive