Monday, October 12, 2009

thoughts from others...

I spent last Thursday and Friday at the Catalyst Conference, a place where young leaders gathered to hear from multiple speakers about leading with a Christian worldview. This was my second year in attendance (I take a group of students each year) and I have to say it is one of the best leadership conferences I have ever had the opportunity to attend. Below are a series of quotes/thoughts/ideas shared by the different presenters that were especailly meaningful to me:

Andy Stanley:
  • are you open to what God has next?
  • what man is a man who does not leave the world better?
  • LEAN your leadership into a need - or into another person
  • leaving the mark that has been designed by God for you to leave
  • am I willing to submit my gifts and leadership to a bigger picture?
  • not a leader in authority, but a leader under authority
  • God takes full responsibility for a life wholly devoted to Him (attributed to Charles Stanley)
  • I can't go until God tells me its okay to go
  • Giving God (& others) maximum access to my leadership capabilities

Jessica Jackley:

  • give people ownership - a fundamental shift in life (especially in education)

Malcolm Gladwell:

  • incompetence irritates me; overconfidence scares me (one of my favorites)
  • Humility: the willingness to stop and listen to others

Mitch Albom:

  • faith is not about being IN or OUT - but figuring out what is important

Rob Bell:

  • The bush is always burning; the ground is always holy
  • Sometimes the crowd thins
  • Our work comes from a particular place
  • WHY am I building what I am building? Am I letting God build it?

Tony Dungy:

  • you don't win every game
  • I need to knowthat this relationship is worth fighting for

Matt Chandler:

  • seeing repentance as a continuing ethic
  • When we hesitate (is it a delay in obedience?) it may be that God is callling us to deeper waters

Priscilla Shirer:

  • WHY has God called me to be __________________? And what am I going to do with that?
  • Joshua, as a leader: 1) acted immediately; 2) acted fearlessly; 3) acknowledged the presence of God; and 4) anticipated that God would act (Joshua 3: 1-5)
  • Help people take the lid off thier box
  • Pray prayers that are unthinkable

Dave Ramsey:

  • Creat momentum by pouring yourself into your vocation
  • You lose focus when you begin to hear the footsteps
  • You lose focus when you begin celebrating the results too early
  • Intensity leads to excellence
  • In the story, the tortoise ALWAYS wins
  • What can happen when you decide to pour your life into someone (or something) over a significant amount of time?

Charles Swindoll:

  • The Gospel frees us to change the world, i.e. transform communities
  • leave room in your life for the crushings

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